Three exciting days full of job opportunities can be anticipated at the Jobspin Virtual Job Fair Czech Republic 2021 on May 11-13th. The second edition of the successful Czech career fair with a specific focus on language & tech jobs will offer the chance to discover and apply for job positions with internationally-minded employers in the Czech Republic. Photo via Freepik. Prague, Brno, Mar 22 (JS) – “Jobspin Virtual Job Fair is a fantastic event for candidates who want to relocate and work in the Czech Republic. This career fair involves the added benefit of real-time communication between candidates and employers, plus a personal approach which is essential in the recruiting process,” said Katerina Casadei, the main coordinator of Jobspin Job Fairs.Read more.

Are you new to the city and looking for ways to get your foot into the workforce? Don’t fret. You’ve stumbled upon the right page. First, visit our own Job Listings at And below you can find a list of links to the most popular job searching platforms and agencies in the Czech Republic. Search engines for jobs: Recruitment agencies: And with that, we wish you the best of luck. Happy job hunting! No related posts.Read more.

by Steven Lord, director and founder of BE Project business networking Making a living is a challenging human endeavor. Organizing your own independent revenue-yielding business activity is one of the most problematic occupations a human being can undertake, it’s no wonder most would prefer the relative ease and security of having a job with a monthly salary. But markets are changing, with fewer good jobs leading to meaningful long term employment. Increasingly, career options are diminishing, opportunities becoming more scarce, benefits eroded and contracts shorter term. Many are now having to re-frame life-styles and revise long-held aspirations in responding to theses market changes by adopting freelancing ways and developing strategies for financial self sufficiency. In this ‘gig-economy’ dynamic the definitionRead more.