Japanese culture is knocking on the door of welcoming Prague to show the perks of its traditions and associated attributes, such as Bonsai at the Botanic Garden, starting on June 11, 2022.  The festival will run for a week. Make sure to stop by and enjoy the beauty of Asian culture, with all its gems and dark secrets, in the synergy of beauty and art.  The headliner of the festival  The event organizers chose the craft of Bonsai as the headliner of the festival due to its unique characteristics, such as eternal beauty. According to the authentic Japanese tradition, bonsai is ‘a piece that is never ‘finished’ as it changes through the seasons and gains beauty as the years pass.’Read more.

Since the appearance of ramen on the Prague food scene, it has become somewhat of a rage. There have been a number of ramen bars to open in the past few years, each drawing on individual flavors to create authentic, yet unique, ramen dishes. The newest kid on the block, Taiko, offers their own take on the traditional Japanese street food with delicious results. The first thing that really strikes you about Taiko (a word that can translate to a drum, high-priest, or even the color pink) is the decor. Both the upstairs and downstairs dining rooms have classic Japanese lanterns running the length of the room, accented by beautiful hand painted silk cherry blossoms. There is a feeling ofRead more.

Like the spring flowers now painting the city in fantastic color, Natsumi Matsuzaki had a similar awakening the first time she heard “Song to the Moon” from Dvořák ’s Rusalka. She did not know at the time, but this one discovery would eventually lead her halfway around the world to the home of Smetana, Janáček, Dušek, and of course Dvořák. As a child in Miyazaki, Japan, Matsuzaki had an innate love of acting and singing, though her only musical legacy was an aunt who taught piano and stories of her grandmother being a wonderful singer. At the age of 14, and under the tutelage of Yoshiko Higashi, Matsuzaki began her formal training as an opera singer. She spent many yearsRead more.