The Invisible Exhibition provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for people to trust themselves and their senses while viewing everyday life from a different perspective. Nature provides four senses for visitors: touch, hearing, scent, and balance, but not eyesight. Are you up for a challenge? The exhibition runs throughout December, making it a perfect activity for Christmas.  Invisible Exhibition: The Idea Behind It The idea behind the interactive exhibition is truly inspiring: live the life of a blind person for one hour. During this time, the participant will go around the dark room, test their senses of touch and smell, and try some daily activities.  “It is a unique interactive journey to an invisible world where, in total darkness, you find yourRead more.

An outdoor swimming experience is one of the ways to beat the summer heat slowly returning to Prague, making it challenging to enjoy life to the fullest with a spin of unforgettable emotions in the summertime.  Escape the heat wave on the shores of the natural lakes located in Prague and discover the unbeaten paths of Czech nature.  Hostivařská přehrada Hostivařská přehrada is one of the largest natural swimming areas situated in Prague. Its area consists of 43.8 hectares of water adventures, including sandy beaches, cocktail bars, food spots, and a natural swimming pool.  Clean natural water, a rare find nowadays, is a perk of the spot. Visitors can enjoy a hot summer day by the shore, play volleyball, go paddle,Read more.

The Ratha-Yatra festival, full of vivid colors and emotions, is back on the crowded roads of Prague for the 15th time in a row. Celebrate the feast with close friends, enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Indian culture, and taste its cuisine.  So, save the date to celebrate the feast—this Sunday, July 3, 2022. What is Ratha-Yatra? Ratha-Yatra is a traditional Indian festival celebrated worldwide by thousands, if not millions, of people. It was initially devoted to Lord Jagannath, known as the Lord of the Universe, on his journey to his aunt’s house. That is why you might hear some people refer to this event as a ‘car festival.’ People celebrate Ratha-Yatra in various ways, yet we will cover the most traditionalRead more.