The Ratha-Yatra festival, full of vivid colors and emotions, is back on the crowded roads of Prague for the 15th time in a row. Celebrate the feast with close friends, enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Indian culture, and taste its cuisine.  So, save the date to celebrate the feast—this Sunday, July 3, 2022. What is Ratha-Yatra? Ratha-Yatra is a traditional Indian festival celebrated worldwide by thousands, if not millions, of people. It was initially devoted to Lord Jagannath, known as the Lord of the Universe, on his journey to his aunt’s house. That is why you might hear some people refer to this event as a ‘car festival.’ People celebrate Ratha-Yatra in various ways, yet we will cover the most traditionalRead more.

Azyl 78 made an epic comeback as spring weather knocks on the door with a fresh breath of freedom. The open theatre tent prepared a wonderful and unexpected performance program, being an overnight success last summer.  What is Azyl 78? Azyl 78 is not only the theatre tent, it is something more significant for artists from Jatka 78. Precisely, it is a place that unites close-minded individuals on a cultural and mental level.  “The idea of having our own chapitó came about due to the planned reconstruction of the stone theatre in the Prahie Market Hall (Pražská tržnice). Thanks to it, we have the freedom to take the functioning philosophy of Jatek 78 virtually anywhere at any time, ” confessesRead more.

Prague market (Pražské tržnice) is hosting the 4th annual Prague Beer Festival on the 1-2 April in Building 13 to celebrate the start of the blossoming and fruitful season that we have all been waiting for such a long time! Hosts prepared a special celebration, including more than 150  different beer types on the tap from various local breweries in the Czech Republic and other neighboring countries in the European Union and beyond it.  Come along, taste the coldest drinks, and enjoy brewing workshops with musical performances with the burger on the side!  Beer paradise  Prague Beer Festival is a fantastic place that unites people with similar hobbies, interests, and life perspectives. In the case of the upcoming event, itRead more.