Ice cream is the best remedy you could ever find for escaping the flaming temperatures that surround the capital of the Czech Republic. This weekend, on June 26, Ice Cream Fest will rock the grounds of the Exhibitions Hall (Výstaviště Praha) with its updated cultural program, full of unforgettable memories and lasting emotions.  Come and join us at the icy, fruity fest of the week!  Ice cream fest: juicy details  This is not the first time the ice cream festival has run the event. In fact, it is the eighth time of the fest, after two long and tiring years of the coronavirus pandemic, where we could not meet and greet each other at social events. That is also one ofRead more.

Angelato, the best place for ice cream in Prague. There are many articles like ’10 best-rated places for ice cream in Prague’ or ‘where is the best ice cream made in Prague’. There are plenty options of places selling ice cream and some of them are really good but I couldn’t go to try them all, right? Not just because it would have taken me ages but also I would definitely put on some weight. I already posted one article about a place called Parlor, do you remember? The place in Karlín where they sell the best ice cream sandwiches but that is a different story. As spring came finally and the weather has been amazing since then, I haveRead more.