Are you a fan of horror? Have you ever imagined grabbing a drink with some classic-horror movie characters and wondered what it’d be like? Here’s a kick – now you can. In fact, The Nightmare Horror Bar (located not too far from Karlovo náměstí by foot), has recently opened and gives you the opportunity to grab some horror-themed cocktails while being in a chilling environment. Not convinced? Take a look at these shots: Here you can see villains from the all-time horror-classics like Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Cube. While doing your best to chill with friends, you’ll always catch yourself doing some double-takes to make sure that those wax-like figurines haven’t moved. With such low-light settings,Read more.

It started with just a funny application, and finished with lifelong friendship from across the ocean. As usual, we met each other by chance. As I look through my life, everything has happened by chance. I have the feeling that all of these chance encounters have happened for some purpose, as if they were written in some book with a name like “Marketa’s Lifebook”, or maybe even in an article? How original! So, how did we meet? Lets say that the Internet is not as a bad place as you might have heard. I love meeting people from around the world, as you already know. So one day, I downloaded Tinder, a dating app. I had heard that it is not just aboutRead more.