Kampa Museum gathered the essential artworks of Barbora Blahutová and presented them from a brand-new perspective, in a new undiscovered light, at House and Sculpture exhibition.  House, as a muse of the installation, inspires the artist in all ways. From household elements such as milk jars to landscapes and human personas.  The exhibition runs at Kampa Museum from June 28, 2022, to October 20, 2022.  Barbora Blahutová’s biographical sketch Coming from South Bohemia, the place of vineyards and Slivovice, she has a pretty colorful, astonishing, and at the same time, challenging life.  The spike in her art career happened simultaneously with the roaring communist regime in the Czech Republic. At that time, it was still Czechoslovakia. The political power restricted herRead more.

Another place besides IKEA to get furniture? We all know IKEA is crowned king when it comes down to getting decent quality furniture at an affordable price. We can all recognize items from IKEA out in the public or at our friends’ places since we know the iconic merchandises so well. However, what if I were to tell you that in Prague, there is in fact a plan B when it comes to getting furniture? You see, all I wanted was an office chair for my room. After browsing IKEA’s selection online, I was not impressed and things got pretty pricey, for a chair. I started browsing other options and came across xxxLutz –– okay, seriously I know how itRead more.

by Steven Lord, director and founder of BE Project business networking I live in the Czech Republic and recently discovered that I belong to the 5th most populous nation on Earth. Czechia (the official  English name for the country) is  an ordered and tranquil parliamentary democracy at the centre of Europe with a population of around 10 million souls, so clearly this cannot be the polity conferring this status. In fact the 5th most populous ‘nation’ – 220 million people – is made up of those who belong to the global diaspora of those living outside of the country they were assigned at birth. In other words expatriates, refugees and migrants. I am a late arrival to this great floatingRead more.