November 17 is one of the most significant days in the history of the Czech Republic that rotated its politics by 180 degrees and opened the doors to a bright future full of freedom and independence from the communist regime. Most of the Czechs are incredibly proud and, at the same time, thrilled by the sequence of events that took place on the fateful date of November 17, 1989.  Discover the Czechs’ brave hearts and how their strong spirit transformed the country into a better place to live, build a family, and plant a tree. History corner: events before November 17, 1989 The time travel takes us to October 28, 1918, another significant date we celebrated a couple of weeksRead more.

October 28 has been a special day on the calendar for all Czechs for over a century. Known as Czechoslovak Independence Day, the holiday is widely celebrated throughout the country with pride and dignity in their hearts.  In 1918, October 28 opened plenty of opportunities for people as a new era began. Previously, the Czechs and Slovaks were an integral part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. From now on, they will be an independent state with their language, laws, and territory. In 2022, October 28 still opens plenty of doors for people by inviting them to various museums and galleries without any entrance fee. Discover the history of Czechoslovak Independence Day and how you can celebrate it!  History Corner The narrativeRead more.

Galerie Roudnice is not your average gallery in the Czech Republic. It is a synergy of culture and modern art that shows visitors a new perspective on daily things. The gallery combines itself as a public institution, an art museum featuring a collection of unique art objects, and creative space for artistic activities and cultural events.  Discover what is hidden behind Galerie Roudnice and why you should put it on the ‘must-visit’ list!  Gallery Roudnice: What is it all about?  Gallery Roudnice is a space uniting creative individuals who seek to learn more about Czech culture and modern art simultaneously. In other words, the gallery is one place in the Czech Republic where artists express themselves with the help ofRead more.