How many of us spent after school and weekends in the dark recesses of old school arcades? The disco lighting, the clatter and kickass music of 100 games playing at once, and you and your friends battling it out on Donkey Kong Jr. and Asteroids? Later, how many of us spent hours and hours saving Princess Peach from Bowser? I, for one, raise my hand and loved all those games, even though I was TERRIBLE at them. Now, skeeball…that was my jam, but that’s another story. For those looking to recreate some of those childhood memories, or for those gamers who want to play the latest simulation games from Japan or see if they can conquer a Play Station 4,Read more.

Have you been living in Prague for a while? Are you at that point when you’re starting to run out of new things to do in the city? You’ve spent years avoiding all the overly touristy things, but it seems that now they are the only things left – and hey, why not just give it a chance? That’s where I’m at sometimes (especially on lazy weekends), and I decided to give this black light mini golf a try. Pretty expensive (209 CZK per person) for a glow in the dark golf ball and a club that feels a bit too small for adult humans. However, they have a promotion where you can spend around 60 crowns more and getRead more.

In my last article, I was describing the funny and crazy Karaoke evenings at the Globe bookstore and cafe. I also mentioned that you could find more events at the Globe. This article is about their super Quiz night! Are you a competitive person who loves games? I’m the person who can also enjoy the night with my friends at home just playing board games and drinking some wine (actually I can do it also without any wine)! I tried my first Quiz night in Ireland. It was an awesome experience, and the fee they collected from all competitors was given to survivors of breast cancer in the local hospital. I didn’t know it then, but there is any opportunity to attend this kind ofRead more.