Monday, 17/08 Come and Speak Czech Educative Meetup @ Storm street starting at 18:30. Are you an expat in Prague who has spent an embarrassing, nay, shameful number of years without grasping enough Czech to maneuver through bar conversation, visa appointments, or re-up your Litacka? This series of informal Czech lessons offers a stress-free way to start practicing with fellow learners in a free-flowing environment, completely for free. Wednesday, 19/08 Live Baroque Organ Music @ St. Nicholas Church starting at 16:30. Entrance is 100czk. As if visiting Prague’s historic St. Nicholas Church isn’t jaw-dropping enough on it’s own, it’s time to enjoy the best example of Baroque architecture style in the city with more than just your eyes this Wednesday.Read more.

Jama is known for throwing a great party, and this year’s themed event SCARY MOVIE is bound to be one to remember. Jama has a great lineup for the evening including a welcome drink from Smirnoff and JWBlack, DJ, ice luge shots, hostesses, beer pong, a raffle and plenty of drink specials. And, don’t forget the all-important best costume contest! With this year’s theme being SCARY MOVIE, it’s easy to come up with a few horrifying ideas. Jason? Freddie? Ghost face? Pennywise? The options are endless and certain to fill the room with terrifying characters. Friday, November 1 Party gets started at 6pm Get ready for lots of treats and only a few tricks. See you at Jama! On Facebook:Read more.

Have you ever wanted ride a hover board? Maybe get some friends together for a competitive game of frisbee or volleyball? Have you ever wanted to play a rousing game of cornhole? Well, guess what, you are in luck! Everyone’s favorite Žluté lázně is hosting two full days of fitness and fun for FREE. On Sunday, May 4, starting at 10:00, you and the kids can have a full day of exploring classic and new games, some of which are making their first appearance in Central Europe. The good folks at Žluté lázně have put together an exciting day of beach volleyball, slackline, badminton, streetball, paddle boarding, dragon boats, scooters, yoga and much much more. You have all day toRead more.