The French market, full of goodies such as croissants, pain au chocolat, and refreshing wine, is back at full operation on Kampa this week. The market will run from July 12 to July 17 without restrictions or limits. Swing by whenever you have a free slot and a desire to taste the true paradise of French culture.  What is the French market in Kampa anyway?  The French Market of Kampa is an annual event celebrated by hundreds, if not thousands, of residents and visitors of Prague. People can discover various activities at the event, including the exhibitors, food caterers, talented newbies, and just plain enthusiasts inspired by French culture.  It is not a secret that organizers prepare something special forRead more.

It started with just a funny application, and finished with lifelong friendship from across the ocean. As usual, we met each other by chance. As I look through my life, everything has happened by chance. I have the feeling that all of these chance encounters have happened for some purpose, as if they were written in some book with a name like “Marketa’s Lifebook”, or maybe even in an article? How original! So, how did we meet? Lets say that the Internet is not as a bad place as you might have heard. I love meeting people from around the world, as you already know. So one day, I downloaded Tinder, a dating app. I had heard that it is not just aboutRead more.

It wasn’t in Starbucks this time. I went to a Speak Easy event. Do you remember my other article about this great event that takes place in Prague and where you can talk to many people using any language that you can imagine ( The event changed locations, and it is not so small anymore. Sometimes you can’t even hear your own voice because people have gotten to know this event, and its become much more crowded than it was before. Still, it’s a great idea, right? Where else can you meet people from around the world and talk to them in whatever language you love about any topic that you’d like? This is the right place where to go on Sunday afternoon, and it is theRead more.