By the author of Prague Superguide, Míra Valeš Drinking beer is a paramount to the Czech culture. Pubs are literary everywhere and the price of beer in there equals the price of small glass of water. I know and agree, it is little decadent and it is probably why Czechs rank among the biggest consumers of beer in the world. But you should enjoy the feast while you are in Prague! Good pub should be equally cosy and noisy and serve cold lager and some small dishes to go with it. If they don’t have nakládaný hermelín (pickled cheese) and guláš (goulash) and if there isn’t at least one table of old locals playing cards, they probably just fake being the realRead more.

Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one. The question is, what will you do to propagate and express yours? Sure, write a letter, a book, a song: Is what you have to say, sing or preach important enough for you to toss into the collective debate bonfire? The entertainment industry is rotted clean through with half-baked, ill-conceived, bubble gum poppycock which forces little, if any, self-provoked thought leaving the “underground” art and music movement to lead the charge towards innovative means of expressionism. It would seem that a counter-culture U-turn is afoot disguising alternative art as the new “flavor-of-the-month” Misses generally outnumber hits when artists misstep, creating art for art’s sake, neglecting to leave any discernable message behind. Art thatRead more.

What defines a scene? Why is Prague such a magnet for footloose Brits and continentals alike? Is it the refined cultural palette of galleries, architecture and theater? The more recent legacy of top-flight house-music clubs like Roxy, Mecca and Radost FM? Perhaps immersion in the Euro blender has more clearly defined the city’s nightlife direction, with the impact of homogenization becoming ever more apparent. No more Czech-only venues and folksy local shows. Today it’s about profitability and sponsorship. This streamlining has paved the way for countless IKEA-inspired minimalist bar/clubs. Think frosted Plexiglas, chrome fixtures, retro animation art. These places pack ‘em in, and they do serve their function well, pumping out generic house and happy Latin-dance singles for a crowdRead more.