There are many incredible Czech legends, but the one which might seem the most brightful in these scary COVID times is the silver fish legend. It reminds us all that there is always hope – even when it seems like there is none.             The main character of the Silver Fish legend – one of the most famous legends of the Czech Republic – are Myslík and his family. He was a wealthy man who ran away from Prague after the battle of the White mountain. It was not his decision, but, unfortunately, he did not have much choice. He was living in the center of Prague, in the corner of the two important streets – Žitnà and Spálenà. (TheRead more.

Spending your Christmas in the Czech Republic? Would you like to eat typical Czech Christmas dish as well? Today, we are going to learn how to make a typical Czech Christmas dinner. Some Czechs don’t like carp so they would prefer to make a fried schnitzel instead, either chicken or pork. So lets go make your own Czech Christmas dinner! What do you need? – Carp fillets (chicken or pork steak) – Flour (use the one that is called Hladká mouka) – Eggs (raw for the schnitzel and 1 boiled egg for the salad) – Breadcrumbs – Pickles – Onion (lightly boiled or steamed) – Potatoes (whole boiled and peeled potatoes) – Carrots – Peas, corn (not necessary) – MayoRead more.