The week of refreshing prosecco festivals premiered in Prague to ease the heating wave we have all been struggling with for the last few days. A stream of ice-cold Italian prosecco with sweet and sour aromas can be found in various locations throughout the city center. As bougy and chic lovers, we dug into the prosecco fests and found our favorite gems of the week of June 6-13. Let’s get it rolling! What’s prosecco?  To get started, let’s define the most crucial term of the day: prosecco. As we were discovering different variations in terminology, we decided to focus on how Italians describe prosecco, emphasizing culture, history, and traditions. Long story short, prosecco is a sparkling white wine originating from Veneto, the region inRead more.

FAMUFEST is coming back to the streets of Prague on March 30th with a newly developed cultural program of digital performances, welcomed by hundreds of locals and ex-pats involved in the art & design industry.  Festival hosts and organizers are excited to return to the stage, make some noise, and show the capital what they have been cooking during their ‘escape’ period. The offline world has more memories, emotions, and moments crucial for mental health and an integral part of social life.  ‘We miss you. We haven’t seen each other in a long time. We miss your smile, touch, and energy,’ commented one of the FAMUFEST representatives.  Digital touch  S3tk8ní is the topic, sort of a headline, of the festival.Read more.