By: Kristyna Jandova PRAGUE –  A black trunk stuffed with family memorabilia from a Holocaust survivor that sat untouched for decades  in Britain tells the story of a Jewish family’s life in the pre-war Czechoslovakia before most of them perished during the Holocaust. The exhibition “No Night So Dark” in the modern architectural landmark, the Winternitz villa, uses letters, photos, postcards and other documents (translated into three languages) to give visitors a feel for what life was like for the well-to-do Wels family in the First Republic before the outbreak of World War II. “Though complex and seemingly chaotic, the family’s stories seek to help the modern viewer better understand the turbulent times and tragic histories that are fading into time,” saidRead more.

Have you ever wanted ride a hover board? Maybe get some friends together for a competitive game of frisbee or volleyball? Have you ever wanted to play a rousing game of cornhole? Well, guess what, you are in luck! Everyone’s favorite Žluté lázně is hosting two full days of fitness and fun for FREE. On Sunday, May 4, starting at 10:00, you and the kids can have a full day of exploring classic and new games, some of which are making their first appearance in Central Europe. The good folks at Žluté lázně have put together an exciting day of beach volleyball, slackline, badminton, streetball, paddle boarding, dragon boats, scooters, yoga and much much more. You have all day toRead more.

It’s that time of year again where everyone’s bundled up and not wanting to leave home unless it’s truly necessary. But what if I told you there were public ice skating rinks scattered throughout Prague? That kind of brightens the weather up a bit, don’t you think? As a generally inexpensive activity, gather up the gang and head out to a rink with some mulled wine instead of cat-sitting in front of the television! As for the ice skating rinks, here are a few that we know of so far: Ovocný trh Location: Ovocný trh, Prague 1 Price: FREE Rental: YES Opening times: 6.12.2011 – 31.1.2012 / Open Daily, 10:00 – 22:00 Tower Ice Park Location: Zizkov Tower, Mahlerovy sadyRead more.