The spring finally made a heart-warming entrance, along with several roaring open-air events, including the festival of Israel’s culture and traditions, Izrael na Vltavě. The event’s organizers welcome everyone to experience the unique culture of the middle eastern country, located on the sunny shore of the Mediterranean Sea, this weekend, May 14 and 15. Střelecký Ostrov, known for organizing bottomless events and delicious picnics, will be the welcoming host of the event. If you close your eyes and listen to the Vltava’s boisterous flow with the distant sounds of ducks, you can imagine that you are standing near the gorgeous Medeterenian sea for a couple of minutes. Too good to be true, right?  Izrael na Vltavě: fun facts As you might guessRead more.

We found paradise for people who love to have a fancy brunch with mimosas on the side and enjoy the masterpieces afterward in Prague-the one and only Café Pavlač. The place is a synergy of a creative network of artists with delicious snacks.  It is located in the center of the hipster area of Žižkov.  Let’s discover what secret sauce cafe is hiding and what undiscovered gems it has! Café Pavlač’s secret At first glance, the café looks like every modern café in the city center. It has a variety of food, from breakfasts to lunches, from brunches to dinners. Their specialty is homemade desserts and fruit lemonades, which usually does not excite residents of the capital since every secondRead more.

In recent weeks, Prague has turned out to be magical as Christmas decorations fill the city pretty quickly. Whenever you go, you can see Christmas markers with green and fluffy Christmas trees, star decorations, and lots of mulled wine with traditional trdelník.  Most of our followers wondered which Christmas markets they should visit first. Here is our list of must-have markets this year!  Náměstí Míru  On our top-list is the Náměstí Míru Christmas market, which happened to open first, on the 20th of November. It is situated in the heart of Prague 2, in front of the magnificent Gothic Church of St. Ludmila. It operates every day from 9 am to 7 pm until December 24th.  The easiest way to get here isRead more.