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Have you or anyone you know had to seek out legal advice while living in the Czech Republic? Maybe you’re having issues getting your Visa sorted. Maybe you moved here for a relationship that dissolved and you need help initiating divorce proceedings. Maybe you want to start a brick and mortar business here in Prague and need help making sense of all of the necessary paperwork and filings. Or maybe you rented a flat from someone who you feel is being… a little bit tricky with contracts. Whatever the case may be, finding legal representation can be a difficult process no matter where you live in the world. Lawyers seem to speak another language and the issue can be compoundedRead more.

Image by Eva Langrová from Pixabay

Soon I’ll be hitting the six-month mark of my time in Prague and I don’t think I’ll be returning to my beloved coastal town in Australia anytime soon. For lack of a better word, I love this city. I love the cobblestone streets, how magical the city centre looks at night, the food festivals by the river, how you can find so many major architectural styles in one city, I love watching Prague change with the seasons, I love the Czech’s dry sense of humour, and lately I’ve been loving that cosy feeling of hopping into a warm night tram after wondering around Prague on a cold night. But sometimes, even a toasty trdelnik and a cup of hot wineRead more.