Open Storage of the Art of Asia, the exhibition devoted to the cultural heritage of Asia and its glorious history, opens its doors to visitors at Trade Fair Palace. The installation presents more than 600 artworks from Asian provinces displayed in three-dimensional space.  The Trade Fair Palace plans to display Asian sculptures and artworks till January 8, 2023. So, mark this date in the calendar to enjoy the exhibition during autumn or the prolonged Christmas break.  Installation background  Asian sculptures and artworks have a long history with Prague, especially different outlets of the National Gallery in Prague (NGP). Initially, all artifacts from Open Storage of the Art of Asia were located in the Kinský palace. There, they lived quite aRead more.

Mucha, The Family Collection, an exclusive installation, appeared at the Waldstein Riding School in the mid-summer. Since then, it has welcomed hundreds of art-nouveau enthusiasts and enlightened them with artworks from a private collection that had never been shown before to anyone. The exhibition runs till October 31, 2022, or, as we may say, till spooky Halloween. Do not miss the opportunity to see Mucha’s masterpieces in the heart of Old Town! Alfons Mucha: the Czech idol Mucha was a Czech artist best known for his contributions to the Art Nouveau movement due to his extensive travels throughout Europe. His works included various illustrations, advertisements, and decorative panels with a special touch, primarily used by cultural entities such as theaters,Read more.

Expo58 Art, an installation hall in the heart of Letná Hill, invites visitors to enjoy the last days of the exhibition Observation in a cool-down space full of Czech modern art gems. A truly ideal location in town for escaping the scorching subtropical temperatures of 38 degrees! Czech contemporary art is awaiting you until July 24, 2022, with no limits-from 10.00 a.m. to 6 p.m., except Mondays.  Exhibition background The Observation was around Prague for quite a time. Its premiere, for instance, took place roughly a month ago, on June 15, 2022.  ‘Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery will open an exclusive exhibition of one of the most outstanding talents of the Czech contemporary art scene—Jan Gemrot,’ shared event organizers.  No wonder the exhibition made someRead more.