The National Gallery of Prague revealed its recent exhibition devoted to the post-media age and the role of photography in it. In particular, the installation is based on the ‘divination from a night sky partially obscured by clouds.’ Pretty abstractive and artistic. What else can we say!  The exhibition will run all summer, full of happiness, unforgettable memories, and cotton-candy sunsets. The last day of the performances will be September 19, 2022, so use your time wisely.  Background information The notion of photography, especially the contemporary one, has become one of the recent tendencies people enjoy following. Similar to other art mediums, it depicts modern art’s identity with the help of artists and their vision of our society. Perhaps theyRead more.

The National Gallery of Prague presented a new vision of the nineties culture and how it was challenging yet fun in its exclusive installation Heroin Crystal Nineties Generation. The exhibition is set to run all summer in Stone Bell House until the last breath of fresh breeze and taste of watermelon sugar – on August 28, 2022.  Roaring 1990s Sex, drugs, and alcohol were the fuel of society back in the 1990s. People around the globe wish to try something new, have an unforgettable experience, and bring their lives to a new level. The level where you either die or keep rolling in the chaotic life – no one was certain of tomorrow. The organizers emphasized that Heroin Crystal literallyRead more.

The Kunsthalle presented an art exhibition, Kinetismus, entirely devoted to the notion of electricity and various technologies around it. Interestingly, the inspiration for the installation was the building of the art space. In the past, the building was a Zenger Electrical Substation, quite a significant instance for the economy and prosperity of the country. Let’s see what we can see there and why it is a practical exposition.  Kinetismus in every wolt  The art project has gathered various artistic works created with the help of thought-provoking elements like motorized movement and artificial light. Craters used advanced computational models, information technology, and digital art in most installation exhibits. In other words, the presented artworks overlap modern art with technology, being theRead more.