The brick walls of Klub FAMU reverberate with a musician singing Sam Cooke’s “Bring it on home,” the dance floor is filled with couples rocking, swaying, and wearing huge smiles. It’s the first night of a 3-day blues dance workshop called Little Blues Sister, Volume III, to which I have a ticket, a deep love of blues music, and a total curiosity as to what “blues dancing” is all about. The moment I sit in the lounge overlooking the dance floor, a man in a jaunty cap says, “Hi! What’s your name? Are you a dancer?” Let me introduce you to my new friend, Woody, a Hungarian who traveled from the U.K. specifically for this workshop and who is aRead more.

In 1382, Anne of Bohemia (daughter of the powerful King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV) married King Richard II of England. With this royal alliance came increased communication between the two countries. Czech students attended English universities, and English students attended Charles University. Far more importantly, the works of English authors were translated into Czech. This was to have a lasting effect on this small country. Jan Hus came from Husinec, moving to Prague when he was very young. He was a student at Charles University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1393, and a Master’s degree in 1396. Having been ordained as a priest in 1400, Hus quickly began to preach reformation of the CatholicRead more.

If you haven’t been here before, you have got to check this place out. This teahouse is more than just a teahouse —- The name “A Maze in Tchaiovna” is a play on the words “amazing + maze” and “tchaiovna” which means teahouse in Czech. Why maze? This teahouse is filled with many hidden doors (book-shelves that you must push/pull to reveal doorways), and secret entrances which lead to a collec-tion of rooms that you would not have imagined to be there. A great place if you need a place to hideout if it ever comes down to it. What makes this place even more special is that it brings people together. Their mission is to keep people connected andRead more.