This is weird. In my notes for Friday, I have headings for “Judengasse” and “Hoher Market” but no actual notes; then under the heading “Albertina” I have copious notes for that museum’s retrospective of the 20th century South African artist William Kentridge. But the only thing I remember was one fragment of an 8-part film installation called “I Am Not Me, The House Is Mine”. It sounded like a Talking Heads song, but in fact it was the transcript from Nikolai Bukharin’s Feb. 26, 1937 Communist Party Central Committee Plenary Trial. In it the purged Communist begs to be given 25 years in Siberia instead of a death sentence, before a jeering crowd presided over by Stalin. “But you mustRead more.

Are you a climber who just moved to Prague and not sure where to go?   Or maybe you’ve just got itchy feet to try out climbing?   With sport climbing making its Olympic debut next year at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and Brno born Adam Ondra (Czech climbing prodigy) qualifying for the event, it’s only natural that the climbing fever has gotten to you.   When I first moved to Prague the climbing bug had only recently bitten me. I was hooked and worried I wouldn’t be able to find places to climb and most importantly, people to climb with!! Those worries quickly washed away as I soon discovered that Prague is a hub of leading-edge climbing gyms and a kick-ass climbingRead more.

  ESAC Summer 2017 in Prague! ESAC IS THE LEAST EXPENSIVE PROGRAM IN EUROPE!!!!! Internships are still available. Just ask us. Registration is now open at The time is now to make your summer plans! Why not make it a valuable experience in a beautiful city with tons to do and see? Think about the new friends you will meet in Europe, local jazz clubs, excellent faculty & interesting classes, medieval cities and new cultural experiences. Prague, Czech Republic DATES: Dates Saturday June 24 to Saturday July 22, 2017 Students from any college or university from anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply. Meet the locals, study business and marketing by visiting companies and firms directly and takeRead more.