The international educational program in English for children attending Czech schools, Two Hour School, has introduced a broader offer of courses starting this September. These will now include courses suitable for Czech and expat kids living in Prague for whom English is not their native language. The school will now also offer some of their courses in ZŠ Hanspaulka, Prague 6. The Two Hour School is intended for families with children who are attending Czech schools but seek international opportunities in the future. International primary school teachers provide these children with lessons in humanities, natural sciences and literacy in English. This gives them an insight into the English way of teaching and enables them to develop the abilities and confidenceRead more.

As an expat, I’ve always been curious about where I’m living and being active in trying to learn the ins and outs of the small things as well with the bigger hits going on in the city. Something I’ve always found fascinating was etymology –– the roots of a word or meaning and how it came to be to what it is today. Throw in a foreign language on top of a word, and things can just get pretty damn interesting. For example, have you ever wondered what a street name in Prague meant, and why? A main road close to where I live is called Vinohradska – meaning “wine castle” (literal translation) and it’s because this area I liveRead more.

On January 21, 2017 from 12pm to 2pm, a crowd gathered around a podium in Prague’s Wenceslaus Square for the Prague Solidarity Rally with the Women’s March on Washington. Flanked by Czech police standing as silent and statuesque as the monument of St. Wenceslas behind the podium, at least 600 people, according to the Facebook event page, listened and cheered as a plethora of impassioned speakers and translators spoke-side-by-side in English and Czech, and Czech and English. Despite the inauguration of United States President Donald J. Trump the day before, the rally didn’t go as one might have expected, especially in Prague, the protest capitol of the world. Czechs, also known as Bohemians and Moravians in English, have an almostRead more.