The international educational program in English for children attending Czech schools, Two Hour School, has introduced a broader offer of courses starting this September. These will now include courses suitable for Czech and expat kids living in Prague for whom English is not their native language. The school will now also offer some of their courses in ZŠ Hanspaulka, Prague 6. The Two Hour School is intended for families with children who are attending Czech schools but seek international opportunities in the future. International primary school teachers provide these children with lessons in humanities, natural sciences and literacy in English. This gives them an insight into the English way of teaching and enables them to develop the abilities and confidenceRead more.

Back in Starbucks again, right? This time I’m not waiting for anyone who could start talking to me on his or her own… but this time I’m waiting for a nice woman. I’m not a fan of Facebook sometimes, but there are times when I love it. Why? It helps me to stay in touch with people who I have met during my travels, as well as allowing me to connect with people from around the world, like today. I already met a girl from Peru who is traveling around Europe and stayed in Prague for a week. I love meeting new people, nice souls, listening to their interesting stories and making new friends. I have joined a really lovelyRead more.

Pravčická brána – the trip to the north Are you thinking of leaving Prague just for one day and wondering where to go? Going somewhere without a need of staying overnight but still wanting to see a unique and interesting place? Do you like the countryside and wandering in nature? So, this is the right place to go. This is a must, to be honest! We call it Czech Switzerland, and it is situated on the north of the Czech Republic very close to the German border. This is from where I was born and spent almost my whole childhood. I love many places, but there is no place like this one. You can go there for additional days andRead more.