It wasn’t in Starbucks this time. I went to a Speak Easy event. Do you remember my other article about this great event that takes place in Prague and where you can talk to many people using any language that you can imagine ( The event changed locations, and it is not so small anymore. Sometimes you can’t even hear your own voice because people have gotten to know this event, and its become much more crowded than it was before. Still, it’s a great idea, right? Where else can you meet people from around the world and talk to them in whatever language you love about any topic that you’d like? This is the right place where to go on Sunday afternoon, and it is theRead more.

When I started to write an article about this topic, in the first minute I had a feeling I had bitten off more than I could chew! I have started to think about it, and I still have some thoughts in my mind. Are we really that different, or are there any similarities between Czech and French people? As you may know from previous articles, I spent the last days of 2016 in Paris with my French friend and her Parisian friends. I expected to “feel” French culture the moment I arrived at the airport, but nope: nothing at all. Of course, what a fool I was! Airports are kind of international places, right? You meet many foreigners just passing through and traveling somewhere else,Read more.

Pravčická brána – the trip to the north Are you thinking of leaving Prague just for one day and wondering where to go? Going somewhere without a need of staying overnight but still wanting to see a unique and interesting place? Do you like the countryside and wandering in nature? So, this is the right place to go. This is a must, to be honest! We call it Czech Switzerland, and it is situated on the north of the Czech Republic very close to the German border. This is from where I was born and spent almost my whole childhood. I love many places, but there is no place like this one. You can go there for additional days andRead more.