Are your friends coming to visit Prague and you’re in need of a cool place to take them to? Here’s the perfect spot. Located at the intersection of both Lazarska street and Vodickova is literally an underground wine bar. What makes this place really unique is its interior –– lots of stairs leading you down to rooms which opens up to other rooms and before you know it, you’re lost. You’ll be a bit lost but you won’t mind because the atmosphere is relaxed and you can grab a pitcher of wine (or a beer) at the bar located in the depths of this cave. You can call it a cave because the interior walls are packed with bricks. ItRead more.

By the author of Prague Superguide, Míra Valeš Prague can be little tricky when it comes to going out and clubbing. Some tacky venues serving mostly tourists still occupy part of the city centre and it is therefore sometime little difficult to find places where the music is good and the crowd is local or well-mixed. Gone is the 90s wave of electronic music, with its venues popping up fast and parties everywhere. But no worries, there are still some solid remnants of the times when everyone was dancing. And more! Here are my tips on the venues you should check before planning the night out: Meet Factory The unofficial king of Prague underground venues is situated in derelict part ofRead more.

The five-hour rave has wound down, the drugs have well worn off and the realization of your surroundings finally settled in. You’re in a moldy warehouse cellar with paint chips hanging off the walls. The best house DJ you’ve ever heard is finally revealed for what he really is, a soulless drum machine. The jig is most certainly up, your denial notwithstanding. You feel duped, raped, connived into a dark alley and mugged, but you’re not sure why. It eventually hits you that the music’s impressiveness was based largely on the quality of the ecstasy you popped around 1 am. The headliner, incapable of even a modicum of originality, played off your high, with smoke and mirror mixing gimmicks. andRead more.