iMucha show goes live in the O2 arena this May, allowing spectaculars to enjoy Art Nouveau masterpieces with real emotions and unbelievable experiences. The show is on May 26, 2022, at the fantastic arena in Prague, full of seats, drinks, and delicious snacks.  Don’t miss it!  What about Mucha? Mucha was one of the most famous Czech illustrators and artists of the 19th century. His famous artworks encompass The Slav Epic. It is a canvas showing the history of the Slavic people, their strong spirit, and distinctive culture. Other works included commercial posters for theater plays and big companies such as Nestlé and Moët-Chandon.  You can find various exhibitions devoted to his masterpieces around the city center of Prague. For instance, theRead more.

Post-digital intimacy is an art exhibition inspired by the challenging situation of the coronavirus pandemic, endless Zoom meetings and lectures, FaceTime dates, and the surroundings of smart devices. The installation runs from November 2021 to July 2022 at one of the aesthetic buildings of the National Gallery in Prague, the Trade Palace. Don’t miss the intersection of high-end technology and art through the prism of virtual reality.  Concept  The exhibition consists of art projects by nine different contemporary artists from all over the world. You may have heard of them or not. They may be well-known worldwide or just emerging as stars in the modern art world. Who knows?  The insights of the exhibitions are presented in the faces ofRead more.

In the Remote Year project, groups of digital nomads team up for a year-long journey across the globe with they do their day job. It sounds like a dream, but it could become your reality – and one of Remote Year’s largest bases is in Prague. We caught up with them during a recent event atop Prague’s Vítkov HIll to find out what it’s like. Interested in more about Prague? Be sure to hit that subscribe button above to catch our next video! For more great content, visit us on the web: Also be sure to follow us on Facebook: And Twitter: And discover more about Remote Year at their official website: No related posts.Read more.