What do you need? 2 mugs of polohrubá mouka 1 mug of sugar 1 mug of milk 1/2 mug of oil 3 eggs 1 pack of baking powder (2 teaspoons) Pinch of salt Butter for wiping the tin Cocoa powder Let’s make this lovely sweet treat like my granny or my mom did when I was young. Every time when I smell this in our home while visiting my parents or my grandmother’s home, it reminds me of my childhood. When my sister and I were sitting at the table in our kitchen eating our bábovka and drinking hot chocolate or cocoa, it felt like the best breakfast ever, served usually during Easter time but also all year long. SomeRead more.

Every country carries out their own set of traditions and customs each year during the holidays. When moving to the Czech Republic, it’s good to be aware of some customs that may be different from your own. For example, in the Czech Republic, it’s common for households to hold off on getting a Christmas tree until December 23rd or just a few days before. Why? Answers vary, but a few have told me it’s to make sure that the tree is still alive and fresh at home on Christmas Day. Families will usually decorate the tree together on the 23rd and so it will be ready on the 24th — Christmas Day. Yes, even Christmas Day is different in CzechRead more.