This Sunday, Czechs participated in another demonstration at Wenceslas Square against the current COVID-19 measures. The demonstration was organized by the My Společně (We Together) initiative. The organizers had to end the protest after twelve minutes – a total of 60 people were detained on Sunday for misdemeanors (including the absence of masks and violation of the current restrictions) and at least one person was detained for a possible attack on the police officer. Chcípl PES initiative also had a demonstration at the Old Town Square which was even shorter because the number of demonstrators exceeded the allowed maximum. The police allowed only 100 participants to enter the square. The police checked whether the demonstrators had the respirators and theRead more.

The John Lennon Wall is one of Prague’s top sights. Even in the dead of winter, tourists flock to it to photograph themselves standing in front of the colorful graffiti. In the summer, everyone wants to add their own contribution to the wall, which has led to it being repainted white periodically. This is oddly reminiscent of the communist era. Originally, the wall was an important protest against the regime. The music of John Lennon and of The Beatles was forbidden in communist Czechoslovakia, but it was smuggled into the country (along with other Western music) and made a huge impact. The Beatles were very popular in Czechoslovakia, as indeed they still are, and the fact that their music wasRead more.

On the afternoon of Saturday, February 11, 2017, around 50 people gathered on the green of Klàrov park across from the Malostranská metro station. In the shadow of the Memorial of the Second Resistance Movement, the massive tricolored Czech flag with the inscription “1938–1945” “Stay a moment in respect for the victims and winners of the Second resistance of the Czech nation for liberty of the homeland” (translated), demonstrators decried US President Donald J. Trump’s self-proclaimed Muslim ban. Though the Muslim ban had been suspended prior to the march and its suspension upheld, demonstrators and speakers met to raise awareness of its continued impact on the targeted population. The organizers’ opening statement stressed that though the ban might have beenRead more.