Bramborák, known as a “potato pancake,” is a portion of comfort food for most people residing in the Czech Republic. Made from freshly grated potatoes in a mixture with an egg, bramborák wins the hearts of everyone who tries it for the first time or a million times.  Dive into the potato-savvy article about bramborák and learn why everyone is obsessed with it! The Mystery of the Name In the Czech language, the famous potato pancake is called bramborák. So, what does it mean for us, as English speakers?  Let’s get everything in order and get some Czech skills on the table. Bramborák originates from the noun bamboo, which simply means potato. The suffix ak is just a magical stricture that “indicates the referent isRead more.

Cyril and Methodius are two brothers who brought education, language, and, most importantly, culture to the Czech Republic. It is their day to shine today, so tune in and discover the beauty of Slavic culture, thriving for decades like a phoenix.  Who are Cyril and Methodius?  Cyril and Methodius were two brothers born and raised in Thessalonica before they decided to change the world and make it a better place. Some people believe that the brothers were Slavs. Others claim, on the other hand, that they were authentically Greek. Even today, no one knows whose theory was the right one. So, we will stick to the synergy of Slavic and Greek ethnicity-inclusivity in everything!  Even though Cyril and Methodius areRead more.


The following article contains imaginary scenes partially based on historical facts.  It was shortly after noon, 26th of August, 1278. The King of Iron and Gold paced his royal tent expecting news. When he heard the steps, he knew it must have been the Lord Milota of Dedic. The knight entered the tent and bowed. ‘’Did the Lord Zavis of Falkentein arrive?’’ – asked the King. ‘’Your majesty, I am afraid, he will not’’ –  the metallic sound of disquiet was noticeable in Milota’s voice. For all these years, rebellious Falknesteiner has been exceptionally disobedient to his king. He allied with an enemy. He betrayed the king when he and his army were so needed. He let him down soRead more.