Pilsen is a queen of the brewery industry, thanks to Charles IV, who established the first brewery in the country in 1375. We all know that it is not a mind-blowing fact we are revealing to you here. We all know what Pilsner beer is.  Let’s be honest: we all tried draft beer while socializing in Prague. Most likely, you gave a chance to Pilsner Urquell (if you have not tried it yet, run to the next-door pub) to experience the taste of the western vibe of the Czech Republic.  Back to the main point-the Pilsen trip. It is much more than just an authentic brewery. Discover what you can do there in less than a day!  A quick historyRead more.

FAMUFEST is coming back to the streets of Prague on March 30th with a newly developed cultural program of digital performances, welcomed by hundreds of locals and ex-pats involved in the art & design industry.  Festival hosts and organizers are excited to return to the stage, make some noise, and show the capital what they have been cooking during their ‘escape’ period. The offline world has more memories, emotions, and moments crucial for mental health and an integral part of social life.  ‘We miss you. We haven’t seen each other in a long time. We miss your smile, touch, and energy,’ commented one of the FAMUFEST representatives.  Digital touch  S3tk8ní is the topic, sort of a headline, of the festival.Read more.

Slivovice is one of those drinks where you have a love-hate relationship. You either love it to death or you hate it so much that one thought about it makes you regret every decision in your life. Nevertheless, we all love this spirit to keep the party going, have deep talks, and unforgettable moments with family and friends.  We decided to re-discover the origin of Slivovice and here is what we found out!  What the heck is Slivovice?  Slivovice is a hard liquor that is inclined to be an integral part of Eastern European culture. In simple words, it is a plum brandy.Mostly, it is made from damson plums.  Most families even produce it by themselves rather than buying itRead more.