Japanese culture is knocking on the door of welcoming Prague to show the perks of its traditions and associated attributes, such as Bonsai at the Botanic Garden, starting on June 11, 2022.  The festival will run for a week. Make sure to stop by and enjoy the beauty of Asian culture, with all its gems and dark secrets, in the synergy of beauty and art.  The headliner of the festival  The event organizers chose the craft of Bonsai as the headliner of the festival due to its unique characteristics, such as eternal beauty. According to the authentic Japanese tradition, bonsai is ‘a piece that is never ‘finished’ as it changes through the seasons and gains beauty as the years pass.’Read more.

Badiucao, the inspiring Chinese activist, presented his brand-new installation about his vision and perception of politics, the hottest topic in modern society, at DOX, the center of contemporary art in the industrial area of Prague 7. The performance has gathered international attention, thanks to which the artist has become well-known for his controversial opinions on China and life beyond the Great Wall, which is generally hidden from the public. In this way, the artist enables visitors and art-enthusiasts to discover and comprehend the ‘real’ China, especially the political impact (and its control) on society’s lives.  The exhibition runs throughout the summer nights, resembling the pinky cotton candy color and taste of refreshing watermelon lemonades – from 13.05 till 28.08.  Badiucao:Read more.

Built in the neo-renaissance style, Rudolfinum is one of Prague’s astonishing buildings of cultural life. In 1885, it was established with the help of authentic architects Josef Zítek and Josef Schultz, and since then, it has been flourishing with artistic events through different decades. Music and art are still one of the primary focuses of Rudolfinum. Let’s see what performances we enjoy there.  Rudolfinum users and supporters In Rudolfinum, you can find various artists as well as musicians. Their performances are held throughout the year, so there is always something you’d love to see during the depressive winter or sunny spring.  As a vivid example, The Czech Philarmonic Orchestra is one of the constant users of the venue. Since 1946, it has been runningRead more.