With restrictions on movement but for the essentials, Anna and Kenny Skype-up and go over the latest, what they’re doing to keep “safe and sane”, updates on restrictions to fight COVID19 and talk over the impact locally. Also, a word from our lady in Spain, who gives us the run down on restrictions in Spain via her blog. (Syndicated into CitySpy Prague’s news feed here: https://cz.cityspy.network/prague/author/jojwa/) No related posts.Read more.

Once upon a time in a previous life, before I became serious and tried to be grown-up (although that life is starting to feel like a previous life too), I hung around with musicians… well, one or two in particular who shall remain nameless…. Sadly, in my serious and grown-up life I forgot how much I loved music, singing, dancing, etc, but now I am getting back to remembering how therapeutic they can all be. The first thing that caught my eye this morning during my social media watch, was this link – for the grown-ups amongst you: After that, my thought process went a bit downhill as, as mentioned yesterday, and as suggested by Adam, I decided to putRead more.

Today didn’t start well, as I crept downstairs early to make some coffee and came face to face with a cockroach in the kitchen. Cockroaches are reasonably common in Southern Spain as it is generally so hot, and a few years ago we had a real problem with them on the Pueblo where we live, but this was cured by some very clever ‘cockroach men’ (yes, this is a serious business down here) and we haven’t seen one for at least two years. The Spring, though, is when they are the most likely to appear, and our houses were all supposed to be fumigated last week, but, of course, this had to be put on hold…. Uggggh. I absolutely hateRead more.