Like his beloved home country of Ireland, you might say musician Travis O’Neill is an island unto himself. There’s not much information about him. His personal webpage leads to an add for cheap car insurance and lists of local dentists. The wikipedia page devoted to Pipes and Pints, the punk group he fronts, waxes poetically about the previous singer and the band’s “true sound.” O’Neill is mentioned offhandedly in a final paragraph, “oh yeah, there’s a new singer,” clearly written by a fan girl of their first incarnation. But, as I dug deeper into the Prague music scene I’d been hearing whispers of his name. His was always dropped with hesitation, near reverence, like I was being clued in toRead more.

If you haven’t yet heard, there is a church full of bones located in the village of Kutna Hora about an hour east from Prague. It’s picking up a lot of hype and we can see why. This bone church is filled with bones and skulls from nearly 70,000 victims of the plague. Although it can be a bit eerie and cold, the sight is definitely worth the trip. Inside the church (Sedlec Monastery), you can see interesting configurations on how the bones are set up and displayed. You can see some of the bones arranged as some sort of shield, chandelier and into many decorations. Although it’s not as big as the catacombs in other parts of the world,Read more.

Looking to explore an old castle and a medieval town? You’re in luck. There is an old Gothic castle perched onto of a hill only about 45 minutes away from Prague. The river also flows nearby and the the small town is beautiful, quaint and worth checking out. Interested? Here’s how to get there. First stop is getting to the main train station — Hlavni Nadrazi. There you can purchase your tickets round-trip for 99 crowns per person. You can do this or you can avoid the hassle all together and just purchase it online at (highly recommended). That way, you can just pull out your smartphone and show them the code (saving paper, yay)! If you’re going during theRead more.