Karlín Coffee Festival offers the one and only remedy for coffee addicts: an event full of caffeine and warm memories. The festival starts on a lazy Sunday (September 18, 2022) and will last till the last roast of the coffee. Undoubtedly, the coffee smell will be your wake-up call this day!  What is the Karlín Coffee Festival?  Karlín Coffee Festival is a place that unites people with one vulnerability—the love for coffee. At the festival, you can smell not love but coffee in the air as multiple venues and gurus will gather together in  Karlínské náměstí to show off their best coffee-infused drinks.  Hot cappuccinos and lattes will have a battle with cold brews and iced americanos. Both versions willRead more.

Looking for some extraordinary coffee place in Prague without a time to sit down and enjoy your coffee at a table? Running out of time but still looking for something unique? Maybe as a visitor in Prague who is also looking for a really good coffee to enjoy as a take away? I found a perfect place for you! Kofi Kofi is not an ordinary cafe/bistro or anything quite like that. It is just an old-looking stand with wheels like the one from a street in London in the last century. Note: their coffee is not as old as their stand might look! To make it clear, I don’t drink coffee even in Starbucks where you can find me quite oftenRead more.

Prague – what an international place to be! With a big expats community, meeting people from around the world, including those who are travelling and visiting one of the most beautiful and historical places in Europe, or even those who have decided to live here and settle down, experiencing different cultures, exploring new countries thru their natives or tasting the world thru the food… we have it all. It’s no problem in Prague – no problem at all. Here you can find a huge community of Vietnamese people. You can also find their local cultural center in one of the Prague neighborhoods called Sapa. Sapa is mini-Vietnam: full of shops with Vietnamese food, stands or stores with clothes, karaoke bars and small Vietnamese bistros with traditional VietnameseRead more.