In Prague, there are an extensive variety of cafés, bakeries, and coffee bars that offer their products to the citizens of the metropolis. Sometimes, it is hard to choose where to have a coffee break with your friends or buy some pastries for the snack break. Discover the best places to enjoy freshly roasted coffee and tasty pastries that are available for takeaway!  Artic bakehouse Located in the heart of Prague, near Újezd tram station, the bakery shop is open for visitors every day from 7 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. Founders of the place believe in the high-quality and freshness of the products, and it is reflected in their assortment. The primary specialty of the site is sourdough bread andRead more.

Susu (수수 in Korean) literally translates to “pure and simple,” which is the perfect way to describe the offerings at Cafe Susu. As a coffeehouse, you will find the classic selection of espresso, cappucinos, and lattes, but the true star of the show is bingsu, Korea’s famous shaved ice. When you hear the words “shaved ice” you may think of the snow cones you remember from childhood. You know, the shaved ice in paper cones covered in sickly sweet flavors like “blue raspberry”, and “tropical punch.” No. Bingsu takes shaved ice to a whole other level. Think toppings like matcha, red bean, strawberry, or mango. Think large bowls of creamy indulgence you’ll want to savor and enjoy. Kim Taieun openedRead more.

“I’m sorry, we are full”, said the waitress. I was a bit afraid; we should have made a reservation when we were thinking of going here in the evening. I was here just once before with my friend Stewart for brunch. It was kind of by accident, and they were almost full, as well. It was raining outside that day, and we were supposed to go for brunch somewhere else, but that place was full. With that, we started to look for another place nearby and found Můj šálek kávy. We ended up there, which was a great place to discover by accident, to be honest. They have plenty options for tea, coffee, homemade lemonade, hot chocolate and even things to eat, like theRead more.