If you’re into live jazz, blues, and funk this is going to be your go-to place to unwind at the end of the week. To your luck, you can go any night if you wanted to – not just at the end of the week. What’s great about the Jazz Republic is that they offer live jazz every night without an entrance fee. Tables fill up quick though, so it’s best to visit their website and reserve a table online before heading down. Online you can see tables that are already reserved or not, giving you an idea of how crowded it will be before even going. Music usually starts at either 8pm or 9pm. The feel and atmosphere ofRead more.

It’s a breath of fresh air for non-smokers residing in the Czech Republic. The smoke-filled rooms and your smoke-stained clothing will soon be a thing of the past. If everything goes well, the new law should take action on May 31, 2017 – coincidentally also known as No Tobacco Day. The Czech Republic will potentially (most likely) join the other 17 members of the European Union who already have similar smoking bans in place. This is a great thing because it shows a standard of care to protect the health of its citizens. Many residents have been pushing for this ban, which was initially proposed three years ago but has been only gaining more attention since last year. This ban would prohibitRead more.

Are you a foreigner with kids living in Prague, and looking for some activity for your kids? Thinking of giving your child some good life values, and you’d like them to be great people with some survival skills and appreciation of nature, at least? Are you thinking of scouting, but are you afraid of the language barrier in the country? I can tell you this: don’t worry at all, because I know the right place for you and your kid! The British scout group in Prague is the 1st British and international scout group in Prague, a city of many expats and different groups of foreigners, and they’re here to help spread the good values of scouting throughout this beautiful city. What are the valuesRead more.