Are you a climber who just moved to Prague and not sure where to go?   Or maybe you’ve just got itchy feet to try out climbing?   With sport climbing making its Olympic debut next year at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and Brno born Adam Ondra (Czech climbing prodigy) qualifying for the event, it’s only natural that the climbing fever has gotten to you.   When I first moved to Prague the climbing bug had only recently bitten me. I was hooked and worried I wouldn’t be able to find places to climb and most importantly, people to climb with!! Those worries quickly washed away as I soon discovered that Prague is a hub of leading-edge climbing gyms and a kick-ass climbingRead more.

Need a break from the concrete jungle? We feel you, really. So that’s why we put together a list of the best parks in Prague as of 2017 (not saying that it was any less great in 2016, but you know). What all these great parks have in common is that they all offer you a spectacular view of the city if you can find its sweet spot.   1. Letna Park (Letenske Sady) This may be one of everyone’s favourites because of its famous lookout area from the beer gar-dens. There is an entire courtyard of long wooden tables for you and your friends to relax and grab beers from the beer stands. Once here, you’ll see many tameRead more.