Given the recent descending of COVID19 or the Corona Virus on the Czech Republic, we’ve had to change the format of the “Whats up Prague show and so Anna and Kenny jump on Skype and chat over the rules around “lockdown” and the impact locally in Prague & the wider Czech Republic and world. No related posts.Read more.

Prague 5 burger venue Bejzment is one of Prague’s most popular destinations for American cuisine. But that can spell trouble for those trying to eat healthy. The American Barber in Prague recently joined up with Projekt 90, a local fitness program that follows a strict regimen of exercise & nutrition (watch that episode here: He’s been doing well, but here comes his first big test: an invite to sample the new menu at Bejzment and walk away with his dignity. Will he make it? Up for the challenge? You can book a table a Bejzment yourself: And find out more about Projekt 90 through their official website: Interested in more about Prague and the Czech Republic? BeRead more.

Over the past few months, CitySpy has been trying to find the most cost-effective solution for transferring money between currencies in the Czech Republic and throughout the world. And couple weeks back, we wrote about Revolut, a digital banking alternative that promises free international money transfers, no-fee global ATM withdrawals, and free currency exchanges at fixed interbank rates. Recently, we caught up with Revolut’s David De Picciotto to find out what the service is all about. Interested in more about Prague and the Czech Republic? Be sure to hit that subscribe button to catch our next video! For our video about exchanging money in Prague, see here: And for more about Revolut, see our article here: AlsoRead more.