Are your friends coming to visit Prague and you’re in need of a cool place to take them to? Here’s the perfect spot. Located at the intersection of both Lazarska street and Vodickova is literally an underground wine bar. What makes this place really unique is its interior –– lots of stairs leading you down to rooms which opens up to other rooms and before you know it, you’re lost. You’ll be a bit lost but you won’t mind because the atmosphere is relaxed and you can grab a pitcher of wine (or a beer) at the bar located in the depths of this cave. You can call it a cave because the interior walls are packed with bricks. ItRead more.

Looking for a nice place to unwind and chill with friends for dinner? Or how about just knowing a place to go to when it’s your turn to plan a date? We recommend U Kurelů because it offers a casual feel with an energetic vibe. Music quality is on point as well with its selection of American-style burgers and sauces which can bring you a little closer to home (if you’re from the states). But regardless, it’s a place for anyone who’s up for a full course meal. Besides their burgers, BBQ’uesadillas, chili cheese dogs & veggie dogs, they also have an internationally awarded 1st-prize smoked pulled pork sandwich. Now that’s something worth bragging about. As for drinks, they’ve gotRead more.

Are you new to Prague and want to try out some typical Czech dishes? Of course you do, but first you have to learn what your choices are. Many of the local dishes involve meat and potatoes — a basic staple. But here are a few well-known dishes that you can probably find in any Czech restaurant and should be on the look-out for: Goulash If you haven’t yet tried goulash, what are you waiting for? Goulash is like a beef-stew but a hundred times better. It’s mixed in with a very dark and rich sauce with chunks of beef that will melt in your mouth. It’s often cooked in with onions and a lot of spices. On the side,Read more.