Výstaviště, one of Prague’s significant installation and exhibition centers, has prepared something special for its visitors: the Tesla exhibition, focusing on the life of Nikola Tesla and his fantastic inventions that changed the lives of millions.  The installation is set to run from November 21, 2022, to December 11, 2022. The time is limited, so mark the date on your busy calendar!  Nikola Tesla: the genius who changed the world Nikola Tesla is one of the extraordinary people who were able to change the world into a better place, literally. He is known for multiple inventions, but the most significant is his contribution to the design of the modern AC electricity supply system. Thanks to Nikola’s magnificent brain, we nowRead more.

Most Americans living and working in Prague consider themselves incredibly lucky. Every day is potentially a new adventure. Isn’t that why we left the states? And yet…sometimes you just want to kick up your feet, drink an enormous “americano” and read the latest copy of Oprah. And, surprise! You can! In fact, after you renew your passport at the embassy, you can simply stroll down the street and catch up on all the latest periodicals, books, and DVDs straight from the good ol’ U.S. of A. The American Center in Prague, opened by the U.S. embassy in 2006, has a rather interesting history. These centers were initially opened during the Cold War, to share American ideals and values behind theRead more.