Susu (수수 in Korean) literally translates to “pure and simple,” which is the perfect way to describe the offerings at Cafe Susu. As a coffeehouse, you will find the classic selection of espresso, cappucinos, and lattes, but the true star of the show is bingsu, Korea’s famous shaved ice. When you hear the words “shaved ice” you may think of the snow cones you remember from childhood. You know, the shaved ice in paper cones covered in sickly sweet flavors like “blue raspberry”, and “tropical punch.” No. Bingsu takes shaved ice to a whole other level. Think toppings like matcha, red bean, strawberry, or mango. Think large bowls of creamy indulgence you’ll want to savor and enjoy. Kim Taieun openedRead more.

Looking for some extraordinary coffee place in Prague without a time to sit down and enjoy your coffee at a table? Running out of time but still looking for something unique? Maybe as a visitor in Prague who is also looking for a really good coffee to enjoy as a take away? I found a perfect place for you! Kofi Kofi is not an ordinary cafe/bistro or anything quite like that. It is just an old-looking stand with wheels like the one from a street in London in the last century. Note: their coffee is not as old as their stand might look! To make it clear, I don’t drink coffee even in Starbucks where you can find me quite oftenRead more.