CitySpy Prague visited Jama shortly after their 23rd birthday. Along with The Globe, this is one of the Czech capital’s oldest and longest-running expat institutions – and it’s still as popular as ever. Interested in more about Prague? Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch our next video! Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to hear your feedback, feel free to comment! No related posts.Read more.

Looking for a nice place to unwind and chill with friends for dinner? Or how about just knowing a place to go to when it’s your turn to plan a date? We recommend U Kurelů because it offers a casual feel with an energetic vibe. Music quality is on point as well with its selection of American-style burgers and sauces which can bring you a little closer to home (if you’re from the states). But regardless, it’s a place for anyone who’s up for a full course meal. Besides their burgers, BBQ’uesadillas, chili cheese dogs & veggie dogs, they also have an internationally awarded 1st-prize smoked pulled pork sandwich. Now that’s something worth bragging about. As for drinks, they’ve gotRead more.

I know, there are many articles out there claiming to know the best burgers joints in Prague. But after a few years living in the city and being a mega-burger fan, I’ve tried and tested a handful of different places to share my few favourite spots with you. BEJZMENT When you’re in the mood for a huge juicy burger, don’t even think twice and head on down to Bejzment. This joint definitely knows how to bring out the best in a burger and to start up an addiction to the average burger-goer. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. The only thing is that you should call in advance to make a reservation, just to ensure that you can get aRead more.