A Cubist Cafe in Prague? Yes. Are you an architecture-junkie? Let me give you a hit and turn your attention towards The Madonna House (also known as “The House of the Black Mother”, or “U Černé Matky Boží” in Czech). Luckily for us, it’s located right in the heart of Prague’s Old Town and is noted as the only surviving Cubist interior in the world. Josef Gočár was only 31 years old when he designed the building in 1911 which originally was supposed to be a department store. With angular windows and its unique balconies, it symbolizes the Czech contribution to the cubist movement in its entirety. This building was open for ten years until it shut down due toRead more.

Have you spent some weekends popping in and out of cafes hoping to find “the cafe?” Well good news folks, I think I found it. Whether or not you’re new to Prague, just passing through, a digital nomad, or a local in the city, this cafe seems to be able to comfort anyone. Plus, the staff speaks English. As this cafe cleverly calls itself “The Spot,” it’s true — it’s the spot to go to for coffee, to hangout, to have events, to do some work or to just chill. Not only do they serve pretty good coffee, they have vegetarian options as well with — wait for it — breakfast all day. Yes you heard exactly right. That alreadyRead more.