It’s fitting I met up with Australian blues legend Gwyn Ashton on a day of hurricane force winds. Ashton’s blend of blues, psychedelic, and classic rock has been blowing away audiences for decades. Once I learned he was splitting his time between Prague, the UK, and Australia, I knew I wanted to meet up and talk music. Born in Wales, Ashton relocated to Adelaide with his family at the tender age of 5. Both parents were musical, his father sang, while his mother lead choirs and played piano. But, like many kids of his generation, music first truly came alive when he saw the Beatles perform on television. “Twist and Shout” laid the groundwork, but it was when Ashton gotRead more.

“Blues is a natural fact, is something that a fellow lives. If you don’t live it you don’t have it.” – Big Bill Broonzy Another subterranean Friday night in Prague. One floor down from the clang and clatter of a bright Zizkov cafe, a lone bluesman does his soundcheck. There’s a mixing board and open suitcase at his feet. Two Fender acoustics are at his side. He wears a navy pin-stripe suit and brown boots. He’s tall and lanky, with shaggy hair nearly covering his eyes. One hard strum and he adjusts the peg. The note makes a waaaaah sound and slides deeper. In front of him is a snare drum on its side painted with the single word, ‘Lavash.’Read more.

If there’s one thing to be said about musician Guy Bennett is that the man has an enviable work ethic. His back catalogue of songs alone would make most singer/songwriters cry with envy. The bonus bit of jealousy comes from not only a prolific catalogue, but a collection of quality songs any one of which could make an album cut. Bennett’s latest album, The Tallest Man, is the result of hand-selecting the best of best, combining sounds of rock, blues, and soul music. Bennett’s musical education began as a child in Norwich with his father’s collection of blues magazines. “My dad loved old soul music, Stax records, and straight blues. I think of B.B. King as my initiation into bluesRead more.