We invented it, we’re acclaimed for it, and we even drink the most of it. The Pilsner Lager is one of the most renowned beers in the world. So why don’t you even know what a lager is? Don’t worry – I’ve got your back. Let me tell you exactly what the difference is between the world’s two most popular beers – Lagers & Ales – so you won’t be left in the dark the next time your snobby craft-beer friend comes around drinking a cream banana-stout. To answer this question, we need to take a very small step back in time about 6,000 years. One of the oldest civilizations in the world, the Sumerians, were the first ones toRead more.

Beer Garden Karlín

Well. Here we are. It’s mid-May and the virus has stolen most of the spring from us save for socially distanced walks or bike rides in the park… but the Czech Republic has managed to keep the number of people affected by the pandemic relatively small and so, with the world watching, the government has decided to slowly re-open the country (see our previous article on specific dates here and, fortunately, we can take advantage of the gorgeous summer weather! After losing the Beer Garden at Riegrovy Sady, many locals were left wondering if a new player would step in and create a fresh space where we could hang out while enjoying some good food and a frosty mug ofRead more.

Are you closely following all the action of the hockey world championships? Still searching for the perfect spot to watch the games, enjoy some Czech beer, and maybe win a few prizes? Well, it’s not too late to cheer on your favorite team at the perfect beachside venue, Žluté lázně. It’s no secret why this Prague hotspot has become a favorite for locals and expats alike. From its beautiful beach to sports facilities and great restaurants, Žluté lázně offers more than just the perfect sound and picture for watching the championships. Two to three games will be shown nightly with the party continuing until late hours with a DJ and giveaways. You have until May 26 to grab your friends,Read more.