Beer Garden Karlín

Well. Here we are. It’s mid-May and the virus has stolen most of the spring from us save for socially distanced walks or bike rides in the park… but the Czech Republic has managed to keep the number of people affected by the pandemic relatively small and so, with the world watching, the government has decided to slowly re-open the country (see our previous article on specific dates here and, fortunately, we can take advantage of the gorgeous summer weather! After losing the Beer Garden at Riegrovy Sady, many locals were left wondering if a new player would step in and create a fresh space where we could hang out while enjoying some good food and a frosty mug ofRead more.

Do you remember the first time you flew first-class? Sitting up there with your extra leg room, edible meals, and thinking, “why on earth would I ever go back to coach?” The same experience can be had at Pivovar Hostivar (and for a lot less than a first-class ticket.) The beers readily available in the Czech Republic are delicious, no doubt, but once you’ve tasted the brews at Pivovar Hostivar, you won’t be able to go back to flying coach. Milan Wimmer, CEO of Pivovar Hostivar, let us in on a few of their secrets: Cityspy: The Czech Republic is famous for its beer…what is special about yours? Wimmer: Our beer is made traditionally using water, malt and hops. CzechRead more.

Need a break from the concrete jungle? We feel you, really. So that’s why we put together a list of the best parks in Prague as of 2017 (not saying that it was any less great in 2016, but you know). What all these great parks have in common is that they all offer you a spectacular view of the city if you can find its sweet spot.   1. Letna Park (Letenske Sady) This may be one of everyone’s favourites because of its famous lookout area from the beer gar-dens. There is an entire courtyard of long wooden tables for you and your friends to relax and grab beers from the beer stands. Once here, you’ll see many tameRead more.