Craving some fresh Vietnamese cuisine in Prague? Don’t know where to go? Let me tell you that your hard days of searching are over — we found them. Pho Vietnam If you’re into the best of the best when it comes to pho (vietnamese rice noodles with fresh vegetables soaked in a spiced-rich broth), it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Here, located near the centre of Prague is Pho Vietnam, the mighty god of all the pho for just 99 CZK ($4). The most popular pho dishes are Pho Ga (chicken-based) or Pho Bo (beef-based). If you’re not in the mood for hot soup, there is an alternative – perhaps the best alternative. I think it’s my favourite dish inRead more.

Are you new to Prague and want to try out some typical Czech dishes? Of course you do, but first you have to learn what your choices are. Many of the local dishes involve meat and potatoes — a basic staple. But here are a few well-known dishes that you can probably find in any Czech restaurant and should be on the look-out for: Goulash If you haven’t yet tried goulash, what are you waiting for? Goulash is like a beef-stew but a hundred times better. It’s mixed in with a very dark and rich sauce with chunks of beef that will melt in your mouth. It’s often cooked in with onions and a lot of spices. On the side,Read more.