The five-hour rave has wound down, the drugs have well worn off and the realization of your surroundings finally settled in. You’re in a moldy warehouse cellar with paint chips hanging off the walls. The best house DJ you’ve ever heard is finally revealed for what he really is, a soulless drum machine. The jig is most certainly up, your denial notwithstanding. You feel duped, raped, connived into a dark alley and mugged, but you’re not sure why. It eventually hits you that the music’s impressiveness was based largely on the quality of the ecstasy you popped around 1 am. The headliner, incapable of even a modicum of originality, played off your high, with smoke and mirror mixing gimmicks. andRead more.

In the right corner, weighing in at 192 pounds, ladies and gentlemen, The Aphex Twin! And to my left, the diminutive yet precocious bubble-gum goddess Kylie Minogue! Cue the maniacal wrestling-crowd cheer … An unlikely match-up? Maybe. Yet this “mash-up” battle has gone from idea to form thanks to lightning-quick laptops and widely available mixing software. A growing audience of eager bootleggers has stepped into the ring to poke fun at the corporate pop machine. The concept is simple: Flip vocal track X over backing track Y, stir in your own freakish flair, and bake till the tempos match. Or, layer several elements from familiar sources one upon another. The result is mash-up, a genre that delivers on punk’s DIYRead more.