As Prague turns into a Christmas fairytale with magical trees, dimmed lights, and the scent of freshly baked trdlo on the traditional markets, Filmasia, an Asian-inspired movie festival, makes the entrance with a brand-new program depicting the recent trends and notions of contemporary Asian cinematography.  Filmasia is set to run from December 1, 2022, to December 6, 2022, in artistic cinemas such as Bio Oko, located in the heart of Prague 7, and Lucerna, located in the heart of Prague.  Filmasia: a story behind it  Filmasia has a long story behind its shoulders regarding the cinematography arena of Prague, especially with the pinch of its Asian background. In fact, this is the eighteenth time when Filmasia presents the artworks ofRead more.

Starving for an Asian dish but don’t have any idea where to go? Although I don’t eat in bad restaurants or bistros, I love great food, and I love Asian food in particular. I prefer Vietnamese (e.g., Pho Bo, Bun Bo Nam Bo) or Japanese (e.g., sushi or ramen), but if there is a good Chinese Kung Pao I would go ahead and try it. For typical and authentic Vietnamese cuisine, check my review of Pho Viet Huong, and for Thai dishes I would recommend Yam, Yam restaurant (review coming soon). For Japanese sushi, I love sushi from a place called Baifu near Brumlovka, as they have running sushi for a nice price, and they make many variations of fresh sushi fromRead more.

Another great place if you’re looking for Asian (specifically Vietnamese) cuisine is Phollow. Clever name, isn’t it? They have a range of pho bowls to choose from as well with an infusion of other Asian dishes.  You can find spring rolls, pho bowls, meat and rice dishes, meat and noodle dishes as well with meat and vegetable dishes. You’ve got the entire range covered. As for the meat, you can get duck, salmon, seafood, beef, chicken and pork — vegetarian and tofu options are also available, don’t worry. In addition to a wide selection of food, they are also ready for you with their full-on drink menu. With an entire page dedicated to drinks, they offer vietnamese coffee, an assortmentRead more.