Culture consists of multiple things: architecture, art, literature, and historic heritage. One of the magnificent painters of the 19th century happened to be Josef Mánes: he brought to the world such marvelous things as ethnographic and botanical studies, portraits, and breathtaking landscapes. Tune in and discover where you can see his masterpieces!  Family secrets Josef was lucky to be born into a well-known family of artists. His father was an authentic painter, whereas his uncle was the director of the Prague Art Academy. Other members of the family were painters and loved art to the moon and back.  The first steps towards discovering paintings, brushes, and art history happened quite at an early age. Thanks to his father, who sharedRead more.

It’s 4 o’clock and I am right on time. My knack of perfectly timing a metro/tram/walk is a terrible habit to have when you’re interviewing musicians. They’re not the type of people known for keeping regular business hours. But, I ring the bell anyway and after a moment get a fuzzy “hey” from the intercom. I have scheduled this interview with Geoff Tyson after a previous meeting at La Loca. Our initial chat had been all business. We talked about his new role as music manager for the club, the acts he’s brought in, the events he’s added to the lineup, namely the Jazz & Blues Tuesdays and the Songwriter Stories Thursdays. But it’s hard to get a real feelRead more.

A young Frenchman lies prone on a plastic covered tattoo table. His t-shirt reveals two full sleeves and makes me think this probably isn’t his first time in a tattoo parlor. His two (!) girlfriends sit absorbed in their phones and talking of which pub they want to visit afterwards. There is Cyprus Hill playing over the speakers telling us about B-Real sippin’ on a forty, puffin’ on a blunt. Most notably is the buzzzzzzz of the tattoo gun and Černý Petr nose down over the Frenchman’s lower right calf shading a skull and dagger. One Love Tattoo is tucked down a side street behind Týn Church, and has the appearance of a classic tattoo parlor. Skateboard decks, walls coveredRead more.