The Czech Republic is one of the perfect places for those who love to discover something new, get lost on the beaten path, and explore the beauty of our beautiful nature. Tiské Steny is one of the places that almost all outdoor lovers should visit during their hike in Bohemian Switzerland. Find out what Tiské Steny has in store for you! Tiské Steny: in a nutshell  Tiské Steny is an exceptional gift of nature, located in the western part of Bohemian Switzerland. From the geographical point of view, the breakthrough landscape of the Ore Mountains is waiting for your visit. It is also the perfect spot to take a break from hiking, have a coffee and snack break, or simplyRead more.

Wanting to catch a train to get out of the city and discover a new Czech town? The Czech Republic sure does offer a handful of cool regions and areas to check out, but if you prefer to keep the adventure small, there is a town just outside of Prague (about 30 kilometres) — Beroun. You can think of Beroun as a mini-micro version of Prague. Everything that you’ve got going on in Prague is also going on in Beroun but at a much much tinier scale and then cut that scale in half. Beroun has got one main square which carries all the same basics as any other square in CZ — bata, the tall religious monuments, banks, grocery,Read more.